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Frequently asked questions

What is a compliant internal cabling?

Your internal cabling is compliant if you have a terminated monomode fiber connection or a terminated CAT5 (preferably higher) copper cable from the POST arrival to the location where your modem should be installed. Please also make sure to have 2 available power sockets.

What does running meter mean?

For a Five installation, a running meter is the unit used to calculate the price of cabling per meter including time and material.

What does cable termination mean?

A cable is terminated if you see a connector or a plug at both ends. If it's not the case you need to choose the cable termination option when ordering your new internet connection.

Modem installation vs remote activation?

For a new internet installation, you have two options: - Modem installation : a FIVE on-site technician will perform the installation at your premises. - Remote activation: The preconfigured modem, must be connected on the planned day of activation. The modem can be sent by post (delivery fees apply) or picked up at our office. FOR BOTH OPTIONS THE CABLING PREREQUISITES MUST BE MET.

I have a copper line and want a fibre one, which setup should I select?

It is a new installation, subject to feasability. Please make sure to select the required option when ordering your new internet connection.

To which technology and speed am I eligible?

You can check your availability here.


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